Entice Designer

Entice Designer 0.8

Entice Designer is a Form Designer for DFL, and DWT (See all)

Entice Designer is a Form Designer for DFL, and DWT, is a rich code editor, and is on the path to becoming an IDE.
Drag and drop GUI builder for:
- Forms (Windows / Dialogs)
- Tab control pages
- Control container panels.
- Many child controls for the above.

Set properties for the above design items easily with advanced property editor.
Ability to copy and paste the above design controls.
Tips briefly explaining what each property does.
Built-in code editor that includes:

- D syntax coloring, including nesting comments and the different string types.
- Code updated in real-time when designing.
- Find and replace dialog with features.
- Auto indent and smart indent options.
- Show indent guides option.
- Customized syntax colors and fonts.
- Bookmarking and saved bookmarks.

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